Islamophobia: Austria to shut down 7 mosques, may expel up to 60 imams

The Austrian government will shut down seven mosques and is checking to expel up to 60 imams.

Why RSS terror is not a myth!

By shielding Hindu terror suspects, the Modi government is making a big mistake. It should learn from Pakistan’s blunders.

West supported terrorists & is in no position to give lecture over terrorism – Syrian President

The US, the UK and France have supported terrorists in Syria and are responsible for the bloodshed in the country, Syrian President Bashar Assad said in response to Western claims.

Germany: A Powerful Christian state vows to fund 'feminist porn' in future

Germany’s SPD party is considering providing state funding for feminist pornography in an effort to tackle sexist, racist and damaging stereotypes in mainstream porn.

Iraq’s Sadr announces alliance with pro-Iranian leader

Nationalist cleric Moqtada Sadr announced on June 12 a surprise political alliance with pro-Iranian Hadi al-Ameri in a bid to lead Iraq over the next four years.

India: Two men killed over false child kidnapping claims on WhatsApp, Facebook

Since RSS (a Hindu militia group) came in power, the trend of using WhatsApp and Facebook to achieve political gains through fake news is at the peak.

Kennedy brothers killed by CIA on behalf of Israel

John F. Kennedy was dedicated to shutting down Israel’s nuclear weapons program and was killed because the Israelis, specifically [former Israeli prime minister David] Ben-Gurion believed that this was an issue of survival for Israel.

Muslim man assaulted in northern India for ‘being friends’ with Hindu woman

A Muslim man has been threatened and assaulted by a Hindu extremist group India for being friends with a Hindu woman.

Dubai supermarkets not selling cow urine, says municipality

Dubai Municipality on Wednesday said its Food Safety Department inspected various stores and a warehouse of a prominent supermarket chain after a WhatsApp message claimed it was selling cow urine in Dubai.

Terrorists used Telegram messenger in all recent attacks, head of Russian watchdog claims

Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor told that he has “irrefutable proof” that all recent terrorist attacks in Russia and abroad were coordinated through the Telegram messenger.

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