Is Egg Forbidden in Hinduism?

Although some radical Hindus still oppose eating eggs and Brahmins (founder of hinduism) have not given any fatwa (guideline) to hindus so far but a large number of moderate hindus eating eggs.

What Hindus are taught by priests (Brahmins) about eggs?
1)  Eggs are not considered suitable for consumption.
2)  Eating Eggs mean you are preventing the birth of an animal (hen/cock).
To me this has always militated against common sense. If you want to eat egg, go ahead and do so, but why label it vegetarian when it clearly isn’t? In reply, I have been told that eating egg is no less vegetarian than drinking milk or eating cheese. But don’t they understand?  - Akshay

The Vegetarian Society accepts egg to be vegetarian, according to their adopted definition. This makes it difficult for people who want to avoid egg, because the Vegetarian Society’s endorsement is no different for something with or without egg.

Ministry of Health, India
Beyond the Hinduism Government of India encourages its citizens to eat Eggs through media and televisions.

Dara Singh
Who played an iconic role one of hindu gods "Hanuman" in Ramayan serial appearing in television Promoting egg ads.

Watch: Sunday ho ya monday egg ads on YouTube

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