Kissing Thumbs during the Adhaan

While many of us suffering from eye diseases, i tell you something that is very beneficial for eyes. Place your thumbs on your eyes when you hear the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during the Adhaan. It is an excellent cure to remove something problematic to the eyes. Sahabas used to practise this.


It is narrated that whenever Saaiduna Abu Bakr (RA) heard the Muazin say: "I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah", he would repeat this phrase and would kiss the tip of the index fingers [or thumbs] and wipe his eyes. The Prophet of Allah Sallallahu Alahi Wasalam said: ‘whosoever does what my friend i.e., Abu Bakr did, my intercession will come down upon him’.

”The Noble Messenger is reported to have said, “On the Day of Qiyaamat, I shall search for the person who used to place his thumbs on his eyes when hearing my name during the Adhaan. I shall lead him into Jannat.”

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “whosoever has touched the name Muhammad with his hands, then kissed his hand with his lips and rubbed it on his eyes, then he will see Allah Ta’ala just as righteous ones see and my intercession will be close to him even though he is a sinner.”

“From the time I heard this benefit. I brought this action into practice. Since then, my eyes haven’t become sore and it is my hope that, Insha-Allah, they will never be and I will be saved from being blind.”

”The eyes of he who says ‘Marhaban bi-Habibi wa Quratu Aini Muhammad ibn Abdullah’ when hearing the Muazzin say “Ash’hadu anna Muhammad ar-Rasoolullah and kisses and places his thumbs on them will never pain nor will he become blind.”

Besides the Ulama of the Hanafi Mad’hab, Ulama from the Shafee and Maaliki Mad’habs have also ruled the kissing of the thumbs (Taqbeel al-Ibhaamain) to be Mustahab. A famous Shafa’ee book of Fiqh, I’aanatut-Taalibeen ‘Alaa Hali alfaazi Fat’hil-Mu’een, states,

ثم يقبل ابھاميه و يجعلھما على عينيه لم يعم ولم يرمد ابدا
"Then kiss and place your thumbs on your eyes. By doing so, never will you become blind nor will your eyes be sore"

Another famous book of the Maaliki Mad’hab, Kifaayat at-Taalib ar­Rabbani Ii Risaalati Ibn Abi Zaid Qeerwaani Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anho, after saying much about this practice, states.
عينيه لم يعم ولم يرمد ابدا
“Never will the eyes of the person who does so pain, nor will he become blind.”

Benefits of Kissing the Thumbs during the Azan

  • Insha-Allah, you will never become blind.
  • It is an excellent cure to remove something problematic to the eyes.
  • The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will intercede for the one who practices this.
  • Sayyiduna Rasoolullah SallAllaho Alaihi wa Sallam will also search for the person who used to perform it and lead him into Jannah.

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