Head of Illegal state 'Israel' calls Erdogan occupier of northern Cyprus

Jewish Leader Benjamin Netanyahu referred to Erdogan as an “occupier of northern Cyprus,” saying that the Turkish Army “massacres women and children.

Iranian ships fire missiles near American Navy's USS John C. Stennis : Jewish Media

Iranian Revolutionary Guard ships fired rockets near the American aircraft carrier strike group,  jewish media Ynet News reported.

Illegal state Israel votes against Russia at UN

The vote came less than two weeks after Russia voted against a US-drafted UN General Assembly resolution condemning Hamas.

Israel, Arab Leaders Tried to ‘Trap’ US into War With Iran - Kerry

Israel and Egypt lobbied the US to bomb Iran, but Washington saw the proposition as a “trap,” former US Secretary of State John Kerry revealed Tuesday night.

Israel, Saudi Arabia & Egypt wanted US to bomb Iran before nuclear deal – John Kerry

The jewish leaders of illegal state Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt all pressurized the US to bomb Iran.

We rely on 'ISIS' to stop Iranian expansion – Israeli intelligence

Israeli intelligence says ISIS is to stop Iranian influence in Middle East.

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