The man behind Chinese Consulate attack in Karachi receiving treatment in India

It is repoted in several media that the mastermind of Friday’s terror attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi is currently receiving medical treatment at New Delhi’s Max Hospital.

India: Two men killed over false child kidnapping claims on WhatsApp, Facebook

Since RSS (a Hindu militia group) came in power, the trend of using WhatsApp and Facebook to achieve political gains through fake news is at the peak.

Muslim man assaulted in northern India for ‘being friends’ with Hindu woman

A Muslim man has been threatened and assaulted by a Hindu extremist group India for being friends with a Hindu woman.

Hindus furious at ‘Ganesh eating lamb’

Australia angered the Hindus with its latest advertisement featuring the Hindu god Ganesh eating lamb.

Anti-Muslim Hindu hardliner sworn in as India’s most populous state leader

A hardline Hindu leader, with a history of agitation against Muslims, has been officially sworn in as the chief minister of India's most populous state.

Why Hindu Vegetarian Elite Are Accused Of Keeping Kids Hungry?

It all began in late May, when Shivraj Chouhan, the chief minister of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, shot down a proposal to serve eggs in government-run day care centers.

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