Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa of Bahrain criticized Qatar for not attending GCC summit

Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa criticized Qatar for not attending an annual GCC  summit.

Jew Kushner took secret trip to Saudi Arabia

Son-in-law of Donald Trump and senior White House adviser secretly traveled to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia kicks Trump says we do not need your permission to cut oil output

The US is not in a position to tell OPEC or Saudi Arabia what to do, Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih told journalists when asked.

Modi rejects Indian Army demand for higher military service pay

The decision has disappointed more than 1.12 lakh soldiers of Indian Army, including junior commissioned officers.

German intelligence officer arrested working for ISIS

German intelligence agency (BfV) arested one of its officers for supporting ISIS terror group.

Kennedy brothers killed by CIA on behalf of Israel

John F. Kennedy was dedicated to shutting down Israel’s nuclear weapons program and was killed because the Israelis, specifically [former Israeli prime minister David] Ben-Gurion believed that this was an issue of survival for Israel.

The man behind Chinese Consulate attack in Karachi receiving treatment in India

It is repoted in several media that the mastermind of Friday’s terror attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi is currently receiving medical treatment at New Delhi’s Max Hospital.

The path to Washington passes through Tel Aviv, Trump knows it

Many Americans may not like President Trump but one thing is clear he (Trump) is a smart person because he knows how to become president of United States of America.

US Aims for Long Term Presence in Syria to Check Iran and Ensure Israeli Domination

United States seeks to have a long term presence in Syria and the  region to keep an eye on Iran and guard their number one ally in the region which is the Jewish regime in Tel Aviv.

President Rouhani Turned Down Meeting with Trump 8 Times

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has rebuffed 8 requests from his US counterpart Donald Trump to meet at the United Nations in New York last September.

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